Home Nurse Inc. Announces Structured Family Caregiving Program 2023 In Georgia

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Georgia-based home care provider Home Nurse Inc. (770-765-1111) has announced an update to its Medicaid Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) services for those looking after an elderly or disabled family member.

The newly updated services from Home Nurse Inc. come in response to the growing number of unpaid individuals caring for an elderly or disabled family member who may be unaware of the financial support that is available to them.

More information is available at https://www.homenurse.net/

As part of its latest move, the private home care provider now offers details on what the SFC Program is, information on its eligibility criteria, and how family members can submit an application.

Recent statistics show that there are over 40 million unpaid caregivers across the United States, with 90% of them caring for an aging or disabled relative. To address this lack of financial support, Medicaid launched its SFC program, which offers weekly payments, training, and coaching for family caregivers. As a partner of the program, Home Nurse Inc.’s updated services can assist and support those applying for SFC.

As part of the recent update, Home Nurse Inc. outlines all of the eligibility requirements for those looking to become a paid caregiver through the SFC program in Georgia, such as the need for carers to be living with the individual they care for. They also highlight that an eligible family carer must be over the age of 18 and the individual they are caring for must be Georgia Medicaid eligible and related to them biologically or through marriage.

With their new service, Home Nurse Inc. gives family carers the support they need in applying for the program, as well as being the provider of professional health coaching and guidance from their SFC Staff. The company also serves clients across all Georgia counties with offices throughout the area, including Griffin, Savannah, Calhoun, and Gainesville.

Family members wanting to learn more about the SFC eligibility criteria and their options for applying can find additional information on the company’s website. The site also has contact details for those wishing to make an official inquiry, or have further questions.

“If you’re the primary caregiver for a parent or an elderly relative and if that person is eligible for Georgia Medicaid, you could be eligible for SFC benefits,” a company spokesperson said. “If you need assistance in applying for your benefits, we can help.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.homenurse.net/

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