Indie Sewing Designs Membership, Children’s Costumes Tutorials Launched

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Sewing Pattern Secrets, an online membership site for sewing patterns, projects and tutorials, has launched a new children’s costume collection.

The growing database has a wealth of designs, ideas and guides that have been developed by seamstresses for sewists of all skill levels. Now, in addition to Sewing Pattern Secrets’ repertoire of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, they have added a collection of fun, playful and easy-to-sew children’s costumes.

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Sewing Pattern Secrets believes that in a culture that is more digital than ever, it is necessary for families to make space for analogue time, and for meaningful time spent together. It is this idea that has led to the creation of their new children’s costume collection. These easy arts and crafts and sewing projects can generally be completed in less than one hour. This means that parents and children can work on their creation together, before children enjoy hours of imaginative play and fun with the final product.

Whether a child wants to be a hippy, a cowboy, a police sheriff, a fairy, or any number of other things, Sewing Pattern Secrets has a pattern for them.

All the membership site’s patterns can be printed from any home printer and come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, clear material and cutting lists and pictures of the completed garment or costume accessory from all angles.

For those parents and children who need a little extra help to complete their project, Sewing Pattern Secrets also aligns their patterns with quick yet helpful tutorials and lessons, and even full courses.

Sewing Pattern Secrets wants to make it as easy as possible for parents to work alongside their children and to have fun sewing creative and cute costumes.

Sewing Pattern Secrets was founded by an American seamstress called Molly McGuire, who wants to share her passion and knowledge of sewing with a whole new generation of sewists and keep the craft alive for years to come.

A spokesperson for the sewing patterns, projects and tutorials membership site said, “You can take on all of our projects at your own pace, and with your kids by your side. Sewing Pattern Secrets will help you develop and improve your skills and techniques, which will help you tackle any type of sewing project you can possibly think of.”

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