Cruelty-Free Gourmet Bone Broth, Skin Support For Vegans & Flexitarians Launched

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Popular online vegan wellness brand, Ecco Bella, has launched a new plant-based and cruelty-free bone broth.

Called ‘Boon Broth’, the brand’s gourmet alternative to animal-based bone broth is made from warming and nourishing natural plant-based ingredients. Ecco Bella has specifically developed the recipe of their rich, organic broth with skin-loving ingredients to support the skin health of their vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian customers.

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The launch of Ecco Bella’s new skin-supporting cruelty-free bone broth coincides with recent research which showcases that when it comes to skin health, strict vegans can have the best skin in the world. As a recent article on health and beauty online magazine Byrdie explained, although eliminating dairy tends to be associated with clearer and brighter skin, vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies—which can be easily corrected with a vegan diet—are also linked to hair loss, dark eye circles, and premature signs of aging.

As such, Byrdie, and their consulting dieticians and dermatologists, recommend that plant-based eaters must ensure they consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Ecco Bella’s new ‘Boon Broth’ is a restorative vegan bone broth that they believe makes for a perfect lunch on-the-go or as the base for a nourishing dinner when vegetables and rice or noodles are added.

It contains the antioxidants and vitamins that Byrdie spoke of as being essential to skin health and is especially rich in algae calcium and minerals, yellow chlorella, MSM, nutritional yeast and curcumin, as well as plant proteins. All these natural ingredients are high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, help boost collagen, and have scientifically proven benefits for the body.

Ecco Bella believes their nutritional ‘Boon Broth’ will benefit skin health and support hair, prompting both greater growth and greater shine. Additionally, they recommend the calcium-rich broth for its ability to support healthy joints and bones.

Although animal-based bone broth is popular in non-vegan wellness circles, which is an oxymoron, Ecco Bella believes that by going straight to the source of the nutrients that animals and fish synthesize, like algae, greater benefits can be derived.

Sally Malanga, the online wellness brand’s female and vegan founder, said, “I formulated this broth because I am a soup person. Soup is so soothing and restorative. It’s a must have for me both in winter and summer. For this product, we turned to the sea and to the bounty of plants. I wanted a delicious flavor that also has restorative benefits. So, I chose bioabsorbable plant calcium, minerals, plant protein and more for this product. This product satisfies the ‘hungry-feeling,’ it delivers richly beneficial nutrients and makes you happy.”

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