NYC Employee Retention Credit For Nonprofit, Churches Launched By Let Hutch Help

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Let Hutch Help has launched a new application service and three-question eligibility assessment that can help non-profit organizations and churches determine if they qualify for ERC rebates with no cost or obligation, and apply for their IRS refunds.

This new simplified eligibility assessment launched by Let Hutch Help allows organizations to determine if they qualify for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) rebates, using only “Yes or No” answers to three basic questions.

More information about the simplified eligibility check, the rebate application process, and the deadline for making a claim can be found at

The recently launched eligibility assessment is available to any employer that operated a business during the recent pandemic, including startups and non-profit organizations, as well as churches, with no cost or obligation. After completing the three-question assessment, employers will be given the option to discuss their rebate with an ERC specialist, to determine how much they may be able to claim.

Since it was created in 2020, the ERC program has gone through several expansions that some business owners may not be aware of. The application service provided by Let Hutch Help, in partnership with Jorns & Associates, can help employers to claim their maximum allowable rebates under the newest guidelines, which could be up to $26,000 per employee.

To qualify for the program, an employer must have kept staff members on the payroll during the pandemic and had their business affected by it in some way. While this is often shown through the business suffering financial losses or temporary closures, the ERC specialist team says it can help employers to qualify for a variety of other reasons.

Employers that have already received loans through the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) can now access rebates through the ERC as well, after changes passed in the Consolidated Appropriations Act. However, they will be required to provide their PPP loan documents to the ERC specialist team to have their rebates calculated.

Rebates claimed through Jorns & Associates are not a loan or deferral, never require repayment, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent. These tax credits are reimbursement for wages that employers have already paid during the pandemic.

Businesses that were only operational for a certain period of the pandemic may still be eligible for rebates, and an ERC specialist can help them to determine which fiscal quarters they may qualify for. Employers may be able to claim up to $5,000 per employee for wages paid in 2020, and up to $7,000 per quarter per employee, for wages paid in the first three quarters of 2021.

More information about the ERC program, the maximum allowable rebates, and the fast application service can be found at