Arizona Pest Control Business Insurance Policies: Brokerage App Service Update

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An Arizona-based insurance brokerage announces updates to its technology-enabled coverage solutions for pest control business owners across the state.

The latest launch from expands its range of policies and account management tools available via its proprietary smartphone app. The company’s team of agents is dedicated to ensuring that every facet of a client’s business is adequately covered by their policies, helping to simplify the complex jargon of the insurance world into a more accessible form.

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The announcement underlines why the company is well-placed to offer protection for pest control companies. This line of work exposes practitioners to a unique set of risks and safety issues and not every insurer is willing to provide cover. The team brings an understanding of the demands and necessities of running a safe and profitable extermination business.

Many pest control companies mistakenly believe that a general liability insurance plan is all they require to cover their technicians in all eventualities. Such a policy means that individuals and their parent companies end up bearing the financial responsibility if damage or contamination of property occurs during a job.

The team can pair clients with a panel of potential providers that can meet the demands of their business. For pest control, this includes equipment insurance – making sure that a business can continue to run with minimal interruptions if machines and tools get damaged in the line of duty.

Other necessary facets of pest control coverage include public liability insurance. makes sure this type of policy will pay out in the event of a personal injury claim. Product liability extends this kind of protection for equipment-related accidents.

The company also ensures that pest control businesses have personal liability coverage. This protects employees and employers and can cover the cost of hiring temporary staff as well as potential medical costs if a member of staff is incapacitated.

Other areas that ought to be included in pest control policies include errors and omissions which account for mistakes and incorrectly applied treatments while businesses also require comprehensive auto insurance to protect their fleets. clients are assured of being placed with an insurer who can provide these vital aspects of coverage.

A spokesperson says, “We match you up with great insurance companies who do insurance the way you want to. Our companies make it so easy to buy and service insurance, you won’t even remember what it was like before. We offer 24/7 support for claims & policy servicing.”

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