Residential Pass-Thru Window With Single Handle Locking For Entertainment Launch

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OpenUp Windows, a manufacturer of specialty pass-thru windows, is now working with residential clients who want to add a gas strut window to their home.

OpenUp Windows’ recently added residential pass-thru windows can be easily mounted on a new or existing countertop or tabletop and allow homeowners to open up the space between a kitchen, dining room, or lounge room and any exterior entertaining space, whether it is an outdoor patio, BBQ space or pool area. The window manufacturer is also proud to announce that their gas strut windows, which are designed to be long-lasting and durable, now come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

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Long popular amongst business clients, especially those in hospitality, like restaurant and bar owners, OpenUp Windows is now making the iconic pass-thru window a residential feature. As a recent article on Builders First described, the pass-thru or pass-through window offers many advantages to homeowners. Builders First stated that these windows are space-saving, they improve the flow and access between an indoor to outdoor space, and therefore the useability of both spaces, and they are also an affordable way to transform the way a home is used.

OpenUp Windows agrees that the pass-thru window has many benefits for homeowners, especially those who enjoy outdoor entertaining.

In order to build upon the natural benefits of the pass-through window, the specialty window manufacturer has crafted theirs in superior materials like Accoya wood and aluminum. They fit all their gas strut windows with an easy-to-use single-handle locking system for top security and functionality.

Confident in the quality of their materials and their build process, OpenUp Windows now offers a full 10-year guarantee on their windows as standard. They have also added a selection of new features like UV protection to maximize the useability and durability of their gas strut pass-through windows.

OpenUp Windows has been working with business and hospitality clients for over 40 years and they are proud to now be offering their windows to residential clients. Their expert team can work directly with homeowners and/or with architects, contractors and builders, and installers.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer of specialty pass-thru windows said, “Our gas strut pass-through windows are changing the way people enjoy their kitchens, bars, family rooms and pool houses. It’s your turn to experience indoor/outdoor living at its best.”

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