Manitoba Implant Overdentures For Bone Loss Prevention & Chewing Ability Update

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Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba (204-589-6329), announces implant-retained overdentures for adults to prevent bone loss.

The newly released announcement introduces denture candidates to a more secure restorative option that prevents both bone loss and bone resorption, which could lead to facial sagging. Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba remains at the forefront of complex implant restorations and digital denture design and has been part of ground-breaking technology developed within the field.

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Losing teeth can be a traumatic experience that affects not only an individual’s oral health but also their self-esteem. With advances in the denture realm, individuals now have a range of solutions to replace missing teeth and restore a healthy, natural-looking smile. In their recent announcement, Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre offers Manitoba residents the latest in overdenture implants to retain bone health, maintain a resilient jaw area, and improve comfort, and the ability to eat and speak normally.

“There are several different types of dental implants used to secure dentures. These include single-tooth implants, implant bridges, and full mouth restorations,” says Denturist Manny Minuk. “Dental implant restorations can be fixed or removable, but both are preferable to traditional dentures. We recommend individuals book a free consultation with us to learn more about their options.”

Individuals coping with lost teeth have three restorative options: dentures (partial, or complete), a bridge, and implants. And while implant overdentures may be the most effective solution for replacing missing teeth and preventing bone loss, there are still some decisions to be made about which overdenture type is best suited to the individual’s lifestyle and oral health.

An implant-retained overdenture is removable and held in place by titanium implants inserted into the upper or lower jaw. Since it sits on the gums and is supported by implants, it provides a stable and comfortable restorative solution.

A fixed, implant-supported overdenture includes bar-retained attachments and extra implants to hold the overdenture securely in place. For individuals who prefer not to remove and soak their teeth every night, this option offers a more convenient, natural-feeling solution.

With their latest announcement, the Denturists at Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre in Winnipeg can help individuals make the right restorative choice, through a free consultation at their clinic.

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