San Francisco Home Decor And Furniture Store’s Sofa Donation Program Launched

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An independent furniture store based in San Francisco, CA, has announced the launch of its new sofa donation program. Customers of Zozi’s Loft Furniture Store (415-556-9694) are being encouraged to donate their old sofas to furniture banks and charity organizations throughout the Bay Area.

The newly-announced “Donate Your Sofa” campaign aims to increase donations to charities including The Bay Area Furniture Bank, Make It Home, and The Salvation Army. In doing so, the donation program will make second-hand furniture more accessible to those who cannot afford to purchase it themselves.

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Zozi’s Loft is asking that customers looking to upgrade their furniture consider donating their gently-used sofas to a local charitable organization. This latest campaign offers a way for Bay Area locals to give back to their community whilst shopping for a new sofa or sectional.

For those seeking to replace their old sofa, Zozi’s Loft offers a wide variety of living room furniture such as loveseats, sofa beds, and recliners with leather or fabric upholstery. Moreover, the furniture store offers customers the option to design their own fully customizable sofa.

By shopping with Zozi’s Loft, local residents can choose the exact dimensions, style, fabric, and color of their new sofa, which will be handmade to their specifications. Customers can also make specific requests such as cushion firmness and adding or taking away piping or buttons.

Customers can get a quote for their custom sofa online by submitting details of their preferred sofa model, size, and other specifications. Once custom orders are received, they are delivered to the buyer’s address within a few weeks.

Zozi’s Loft is also currently running a giveaway where customers can enter to win their customized sofa by completing a form on the company’s website.

Zozi’s Loft’s new sofa donation program is in line with the company’s dedication to serving the community by providing those in need with access to gently used second-hand furniture.

About Zozi’s Loft Furniture Store

Zozi’s Loft Furniture Store has provided shoppers in the Bay Area with a large selection of sofas and sectionals in a variety of styles for the past 12 years. The brand has established a strong reputation for its customizable, made-to-order furniture and professional customer service, and now hopes to give back to its local community with its charity program.

Richard Nava, a spokesperson for the company, said, “We’re passionate about supporting local charities and organizations, and we hope that our ‘Donate Your Sofa’ campaign will make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.”

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