Temple, TX Automotive Chip Key & Push-To-Start Fob Replacement Services Expanded

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Temple, TX trusted locksmith Pop-A-Lock (254-771-3377) recently expanded its automotive key replacement and duplication services.

Pop-A-Lock’s service expansion makes it easier for customers in Temple to replace or duplicate their car’s chip keys, key fobs, and push-to-start fobs. The duplicates can be made for virtually any make and model of car that uses a smart key system.

More details can be found at https://www.popalock.com/franchise/temple-tx/request-a-service

Studies show that over 90% of new cars being manufactured today feature some sort of integrated smart key technology. However, while smart keys offer many advantages over traditional metal keys, they’re still susceptible to loss, theft, damage, and hacking. Pop-A-Lock’s expanded replacement and duplication services aim to help customers who may be faced with some of these problems.

Thanks to their partnerships with leading car manufacturers and researchers in automotive technology, Pop-A-Lock’s technicians have access to the latest and most effective tools for programming keys, remotes, and immobilizers.

Depending on the type of smart key and vehicle involved, the technicians can also add unique codes, authentication protocols, and smartphone connectivity. They can also replace batteries, fix hardware, and correct circuit boards within the devices.

Customers are welcome to purchase the replacement or duplicate smart key themselves, however, they must make sure that it is compatible with their car. To avoid a possible mismatch, Pop-A-Lock can provide a smart key for the customer or direct them to compatible models. In most cases, the replication or duplication can be done on the spot.

“I lost the fob to my car and didn’t have a backup,” said a satisfied customer. “Pop-A-Lock was able to come and program me a new one in no time at all. They also made me a backup that I could store for safekeeping. I can’t thank them enough.”

For immediate or emergency service, customers can call Pop-A-Lock at the number provided in the description. For general inquiries, customers can also fill out the form on their website.

About Pop-A-Lock

Started in 1991 in Lafayette, LA, Pop-A-Lock has since grown to include over 240 franchises across the United States, Canada, and Australia. In addition to its industry-leading automotive locksmith services, they also provide residential and commercial services.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.popalock.com/franchise/temple-tx/request-a-service

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