Happy Easter Coloring Pages & Gifs: Bunnies & Eggs Images Packages Launched

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HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com, one of the biggest online resources for coloring pages, images and gifs, has launched a new Easter-themed package.

The online resource’s new Happy Easter coloring package contains 100 on-theme images, 100 gifs and 100 coloring pages, meaning the entire Easter package contains 300 different activities and images that individuals can use. HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com loves Easter and they know that many parents, teachers, community leaders, business owners, and more, are looking for creative and fun content that they can use in-person or to ‘dress up’ their digital presence for the holiday.

More information is available at https://HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com

The online coloring resource has released their collection ahead of the Easter holidays, which are quickly approaching this weekend. HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com believes Easter is a lovely holiday for all Americans, regardless of their personal faith, and especially for children.

That’s why their Happy Easter collection focuses on the images and iconography of modern American Easter with lots of child-friendly cute Easter bunnies, chicks, eggs and baskets. Their pre-colored images and gifs also come in vibrant spring hues that they believe will elevate any printed or digital Easter-themed copy or materials.

HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com’s package of coloring pages, images and gifs will be available for instant download and will be sent via email in a ZIP file. They are fully licensed for individual use but may not be resold.

To further celebrate Easter, HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com is proud to announce that they have also partnered with popular holiday-making firm, Redeem Vacations, to offer all purchasers their 3 Night Vacation Stay in Las Vegas for two people. The cost of a three-night hotel room stay is included in the price of the Happy Easter package, and can be redeemed within 18 months.

This is an optional inclusion that purchasers can choose to redeem. However, should they wish to use their hotel stay, they will be required to pay for their additional trip expenses, like airfares and food.

In addition to providing one of the largest resources for coloring pages, images and gifs, HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com likes to connect their users with seasonal inclusions like their current 3 Night Vacation Stay in Las Vegas.

A spokesperson for the online media resource said, “Our new Happy Easter images, gifs and coloring pages resource is only $9.99, and it includes a complimentary vacation for three nights in Las Vegas.”

More details can be found at https://HappyEasterImagesGifsColoringPages.com

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