Spiritual Guidance Outreach: Hope & Encouragement Program Launch

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Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries (JLHM) announces new outreach programs in various communities across the United States. JLHM events are designed to give hope and meaning to a world in darkness and to help people find and understand their purpose in life.

JLHM is led by Jay Lowder who says that his recently launched outreach programs are meant for all individuals who are spiritually struggling with their lives. He uses his personal experiences of hope and redemption to reach out to more people and inspire them to lead a life of faith. In particular, he says that the lessons found in the Gospel can be used to prevent feelings of loneliness, fear, and anger, even in today’s world.

More details can be found at https://www.jaylowder.com/

The focus of JLHM’s new outreach programs is to provide a message of hope to the struggling world. Lowder uses non-traditional approaches to motivate, inspire, and empower diverse groups of people so they truly understand God’s plan for them. He uses the story of Christ to express the importance of love and service in finding meaning and purpose in one’s life.

Lowder partners with ministry leaders of congregations of all sizes from different communities all around the nation. Currently, he speaks for different evangelical outreach events, including men’s outdoorsman events, women’s events, student events, and church weekend outreaches. Custom events may also be requested.

For over two decades, JLHM has spoken to thousands of people through live events, training, television, and crusades on the word of God. Lowder believes that every person deserves the chance to reclaim their lives through a deep understanding of Christ’s life and sacrifice.

He draws from his childhood to early adulthood, where he turned away from God and led a life of destruction. After an extreme emotional upheaval, Lowder found God and began his career in full-time evangelism.

Aside from leading JLHM, Lowder also hosts a faith-based podcast series.

A spokesperson for the ministry says, “The life, death, resurrection, and message of Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of all our outreach efforts. We are committed to utilizing innovative, creative, and non-traditional approaches to have the greatest impact and influence on diverse groups of people. For over two decades, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries has drawn the masses to Christ through live events, training, television, and crusades.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.jaylowder.com/

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