Winnipeg Replacement Dentures & Consultations For Over 60s, Service Announced

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Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre, (204-589-6329), Canada’s largest denture clinic announces consultations to help individuals 60+ whose dentures have been damaged or broken access replacement dentures to restore their smile.

The announcement introduces Winnipeg seniors to a service that will make replacing damaged dentures easier and more convenient. Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Centre have restored over 100,000 smiles since opening in 1977 and offer world-class materials and technologies that help denture candidates eat, speak, and smile more confidently.

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When dentures are damaged, it’s important they’re replaced as soon as possible. Newly announced services at Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Centre offer Winnipeg residents 60 and over who are in need of replacement dentures complimentary consultations to help them restore their smiles and overall well-being as quickly as possible.

“We offer various options for missing teeth, and for replacing dentures, too,” says Denturist Manny Minuk. “With so many advancements being made in this field, people have better, more durable, and natural-looking denture options than what was available in the past. With a free consult, Winnipeg residents can learn more about what’s available to them now, without any cost barriers.”

There are three main types of replacement dentures individuals can look into – Complete dentures, Partials, and Implant-supported dentures.

Complete dentures are for individuals who have lost all their teeth. Within this category, there are two categories: standard and precision dentures. The differences between these options come down to the number of measurements taken to design the denture – which will affect how well the denture functions; the materials used to create the base of the denture, impacting how well the denture fits the gums; and, the materials used to create the teeth, which is where precision dentures outperform standard dentures.

Individuals with partial dentures that need replacing may want to consider upgrading to cast partials. Cast partials are a more long-term solution that also reduces the shifting of neighbouring teeth and are much stronger.

For a long-term denture solution that won’t move, offers a superior fit, and prevents bone loss (which often accompanies the traditional complete or partial denture), implant dentures are a recommended option. Considered the standard of care for replacing teeth, this type of denture has demonstrated a success rate of over 98%.

A recent client says, “I wore dentures for three years and always found them painful and inconvenient. Implant dentures have changed my life. Now I have a permanent solution to what I thought would be a lifelong problem.”

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