Reusable Soft Gel Ice Packs For Pain Relief: Cold Compression Wraps Announced

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Cool Relief, an online store selling medical-grade cooling and heating products, recently expanded its range of multi-purpose wraps.

Cool Relief’s multi-purpose wraps provide drug-free cold and hot therapy aimed at reducing nerve activity, pain, and swelling in various parts of the body. The wraps utilize Cool Relief’s proprietary reusable gel packs, which maintain their temperature for longer periods than regular ice packs.

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Cold and hot therapy is one of the most common treatments for alleviating aches, pains, and swelling. But a lot of cooling and heating wraps on the market today only target specific areas of the body, limiting their functionality. Cool Relief’s range of multi-purpose wraps can be used to treat a variety of injuries, providing relief wherever it is needed.

For full-body coverage, Cool Relief offers the Soft Gel Universal Ice & Heat Pack and the Universal Ice Pack. The Soft Gel Universal Ice & Heat Pack is the smaller of the two and is typically used to treat the elbows, wrists, forearms, ankles, and feet. The Universal Ice Pack covers a larger area and is generally used to treat the back, thighs, knees, shins, and calves.

For smaller injuries, Cool Relief also offers the Refreezable Cooling Ice Bandana. This wrap is intended for areas like the neck and forehead. In addition to injury-related pain relief, its design also makes it useful for treating migraines, tension, and sinus headaches. It can also be used to cool down on a hot day or after exercise.

Lastly, Cool Relief’s expanded range includes the Flexible Reusable Ice Blanket. This wrap can be used on most parts of the body; however, it does not feature Velcro straps for compression. Like the Bandana, the Blanket can also be used for other non-injury-related purposes, such as keeping food and beverages cold on a picnic.

Cool Relief’s superior gel ice pack technology features a combination of inner ice and soft gel, which allows temperature, both cold and warm, to be retained longer. Because of the gel’s flexibility, users also get more targeted relief compared to traditional ice packs. The gel packs are also reusable, don’t cause a mess, and are safe to use directly against the skin.

“I love Cool Relief’s multi-purpose wraps,” said a satisfied customer. “I can’t live without them. I have chronic back problems and ice therapy is the only thing that alleviates the pain. I put the gel packs in the freezer and just rotate them around, that way one of them is always ready to use.”

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