Cold Storage NFT Hardware Wallet, Self-Custodial Touchscreen Device Announced

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The Crypto Merchant has announced the latest addition to its selection of hardware wallets: the SecuX Nifty.

The Crypto Merchant, an authorized retailer of many crypto wallet brands, has announced the addition of the SecuX Nifty to its curated selection. The device is touted as the first NFT-focused hardware wallet in the market.

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“If you’ve bought your NFTs from multiple marketplaces, showing them off or simply viewing them can be a chore,” a spokesperson from The Crypto Merchant said. “SecuX’s Nifty solves this by offering you a secure location to store your NFTs that also lets you display your collection with ease.”

The Secux Nifty is a self-custodial hardware wallet, meaning that is designed to hold private keys offline. This option is preferable to those who are particular about ownership, as keeping assets like NFTs on exchanges means that ownership is being entrusted to a third party.

The device offers “true ownership” viewing, which means that it only displays NFTs associated with the enrolled private key. “The images are displayed on a 2.8-inch touchscreen in full color, allowing you to fully appreciate your collection,” the spokesperson added.

This touchscreen also lets users access a dynamic keypad that varies the key placements with each use. This system was originally designed to protect against keyloggers; for offline devices like the Secure Nifty, a dynamic keypad thwarts observers from seeing a pattern from repeated key entries.

Powering the device is an Infineon SLE 97 secure element chip. Secure element chips are processors commonly used in cryptocurrency devices such as the SecuX Nifty because they are impervious to many known attacks, including hacking and modification, such as installing untrustworthy apps.

With this level of security in place, the SecuX Nifty can be used to perform a number of transactions securely, including buying and selling NFTs and managing several wallets and accounts on dAPP platforms like OpenSea. Crypto transactions can also be completed using the device.

Purchasing the SecuX Nifty from the Crypto Merchant has a number of benefits, including free shipping within the US and access to personalized after-sales service. The Crypto Merchant has built a strong reputation among crypto users for having a knowledgeable and responsive customer service team.

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