AI-Enabled School Shooter Detection System | ML CCTV Integrations Announced

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21st Century AEYE has announced the release of an enhanced platform designed to provide a tech-enabled response system in the event of an active school shooting incident.

This move is a response to the prevalence of school shootings in the country, which has already numbered 17 thus far in 2023. According to company representatives, this system serves as a life-saving backup plan should current deterrents fail and a perpetrator breaches the premises.

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The platform is integrated into a school’s CCTV system and uses advanced artificial intelligence-powered technologies to detect wielded weapons. When an armament is spotted by the algorithm, an alert will be automatically pushed out to administrators and first responders.

More importantly, the platform can pinpoint the location of an active shooter and relay it to authorities. Knowing the coordinates of the perpetrator enables police officers to better plan their course of action, which can minimize injuries and casualties.

Additionally, schools can lock down the premises while triangulating the shooter’s location, ensuring that accomplices cannot gain entry and wreak more havoc. A companion app allows users to access notifications and activate lock-down protocols remotely, which is crucial at the outset of a suspected school shooting.


Gun-related violence in schools has affected roughly 350,000 students since 1999, when the Columbine incident occurred. The relative ease of procuring firearms in the country has only exacerbated the problem, which means schools must employ additional measures to prevent such attacks and avoid the loss of lives.

As such, 21st Century AEYE offers a cost-effective solution that gives clients additional peace of mind. A spokesperson says: “We are committed to providing schools with the most advanced security technology available. Our platform leverages the latest developments in artificial intelligence to facilitate rapid response times, keeping students and faculty members safe should an active shooting incident happen.”


The company’s mission is to create a world free from the fear of school shootings by strengthening the resilience of schools against such incidents. With an apolitical and practical approach, 21st Century AEYE leverages the power of AI and machine learning to mitigate the damage a perpetrator might cause.

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