Crown Point, IN Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning, Odor Removal Services Launched

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Ajax Carpet Service (219-933-1019) has expanded its offerings, now offering upholstery cleaning services in addition to its main hot water extraction-based carpet deep cleaning options in Crown Point, Indiana.

With the move, the company brings an extended line of services to Crown Point homeowners, aiming to treat upholstered furniture with the same standard of care given to carpets and area rugs.

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By expanding its wider cleaning services to Crown Point, Ajax Carpet Service offers residents the advantage of expertly-applied treatments for upholstery. Its local team stresses that its solution can produce similar effects to those achieved by its carpet-cleaning equipment, drawing on the company’s industry knowledge.

Ajax Carpet Service points to its signature hot water extraction method for carpets as evidence of its proficiency in home cleaning options. This method, the team says, can be used to create similarly thorough results for furniture – offering deep cleaning that targets extensive stain and odor removals as well as a higher degree of cleanliness.

“We will test any fabrics that might result in color bleeding before attempting to clean with water. Depending on the fabric and the soiling condition, we pre-treat with either a dry foam shampoo or a pre-spray similar to what we use on carpets. The hot water extraction system will then remove the released soil,” a company spokesperson explained.

From its Hammond headquarters, Ajax Carpet Service states that its specialism in carpet cleaning also informs its interest in promoting environmentally-conscious techniques. It describes the home water extraction method utilized in its newly expanded program as a greener and safer alternative to those that use chemicals – helping to protect families, animals, and the planet.

In addition to its expanded upholstery cleaning program, Ajax Carpet Service is also equipped to assist Crown Point homeowners with carpet installation, repairs, re-stretching, and more. Its official website offers evaluation scheduling options, enabling residents in its Northwest Indiana service area to arrange services that meet their cleaning needs.

“I wanted my carpet, area rugs, and upholstery cleaned in time for the holiday season,” commented one prior customer. “Dennis and his team got me right in and I am very pleased with their services. They are highly recommended.”

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