Grantham Sport Injury Knee Ligament & ACL Repair, Immediate Appointment Updated

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MSK Doctors (0330 001 0048), a private clinic specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, has updated its appointment booking program to help patients with torn knee ligaments, ACL damage, or other common sports-related injuries receive fast access to top specialists and diagnostic scans.

Following the announcement, patients can use the appointment booking system from MSK Doctors to schedule their own appointments either online or over the phone, without a referral from a GP, and without long waits for service due to their no waiting list policy.

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The expanded fast-access program allows patients to schedule immediate appointments for diagnostic scans, initial consultations with a specialist, or additional medical reviews. While the MSK Doctors team can handle most concerns in-house with its diverse range of specialists, they have also partnered with several other clinics in the area, to ensure their patients have access to top specialists in each field.

Founded by Prof. Paul Lee, the private clinic uses minimally-invasive or non-invasive procedures whenever possible, and is known for its use of regenerative techniques for a range of difficult-to-treat conditions. The surgical team is trained in several cutting-edge techniques that are not available yet through most public healthcare systems, including an advanced procedure for ACL repair.

While the new technique has been proven safe and effective, it is not yet widely available due to the additional training required. However, it offers several important benefits, including a reduction in both the recovery times and the chance of re-injury during the healing process.

These benefits stem from a significant change in how the procedure is performed and the amount of surgical trauma it causes. While a traditional ACL reconstruction requires harvesting two hamstrings, the new procedure requires only one and causes less harm to the patient’s Gracilis muscle, which provides more stability during the healing process.

This procedure uses a “pre-stretched” tendon, which provides additional biomechanical strength and has been shown to further reduce healing times. Prof. Lee also uses a combination of outside-in drilling, with improved screw and tape methods, to further reduce the surgical trauma, while providing more secure fixation.

Though patients will still have some mobility restrictions, in most cases, the advanced ACL repair technique will allow them to regain their mobility faster, with fewer restrictions.

One satisfied patient explained, “Professor Lee was brilliant, nice, and very reassuring throughout our whole experience. Highly recommend seeing him if you have any problems where you will be waiting a while with the NHS or especially with knee-related problems/injuries.”

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