Reusable High End Nipple Concealers: Backless Shirt Bra Replacement Announced

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CleanSeams by Her Discretion, leading online retailers of high-end, adhesive, silicone nipple concealers announce their product is reusable and therefore a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fashion solution for backless shirts and dresses.

The newly announced product feature gives women more freedom when shopping for their preferred fashions by eliminating the need for a bra. CleanSeams by Her Discretion are reusable nipple covers made of BPA-free silicone and a medical-grade adhesive that conforms to a woman’s natural shape, making them virtually invisible under all types of clothing.

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CleanSeams, a high-end nipple cover product from the Her Discretion brand, introduces women to reusable nipple covers which, if properly cared for, can last for weeks. Nipple covers are an ideal accessory for women who want to wear backless shirts, dresses, and translucent materials with confidence.

“CleanSeams are made of high quality, flexible materials so they are extremely comfortable,” says a spokesperson for the company. “A medical-grade adhesive ensures they lay flat against the breast and don’t turn up at the edges. This means shirts, sports bras, blouses, and dresses look their best so our customers always look and feel their best.”

Fashion bloggers and fashion designers agree: high-quality nipple covers that won’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction are a must-have accessory for women with a strong sense of personal style.

CleanSeams by Her Discretion are BPA-free, phthalate-free, lightweight, ultra-thin nipple covers that are hypoallergenic, sweat resistant, and can withstand gentle washing without breaking down. And since they’re reusable, they are an eco-friendly choice for conscientious women determined to limit their carbon footprint.

Each CleanSeams order comes with two sets of nipple covers packaged in a durable box for easy transport. The thoughtfully designed box – which looks like a miniature wardrobe – opens to reveal two pull-out drawers that protect each pair of nipple covers. Graphic design embellishments on the box’s exterior make it an elegant accessory for the vanity or bedroom dresser.

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A recent CleanSeams customer says, “Best nipple covers ever. CleanSeams are exactly what I’ve been looking for. They stayed on all day and all night and didn’t slip or curl. I even forgot I was wearing them. The travel case is super convenient and the perfect size for my bag. It also looks great in my walk-in closet.”

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