Dark French Roast Coffee For Pour-Over Brews: Bird-Friendly Selection Updated

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GoCoffeeGo LLC, an online retailer of gourmet coffee, has updated its selection of dark-roasted French-style coffee.

Following the announcement, customers visiting GoCoffeeGo’s online store will now be able to choose from a wider selection of dark French roast coffee. Many of the roasts in this collection are produced on bird-friendly farms. Like GoCoffeeGo’s other products, all the coffees available on its store are sourced from award-winning specialty roasters.

More information is available at https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=French+Roast

The latest announcement comes amid growing demand for more environmentally friendly coffee production practices. Bird-friendly coffee is grown on coffee plantations that not only preserve the natural vegetation of the area but also provide habitats for migratory and native birds and other animals. As a result, bird-friendly coffee farms also function as biodiverse forest ecosystems.

GoCoffeeGo answers the demand for more sustainable options by offering a number of bird-friendly coffees in their dark French roast collection. The roasts are suitable for pour-over coffee but can be brewed using other methods as well. Additionally, decaf options are also available.

A popular choice in this collection is Tony’s French Royale, a dark roast with a rich body and balanced acidity. The coffee has a hearty flavor with notes of deep roast, a rich, layered sweetness, and a bittersweet finish.

Another popular choice is Thanksgiving Coffee’s Songbird Tropical French Roast Blend, which is another dark roast with a rich body. This is a blend with mellow acidity and intense, smoky notes, along with hints of toasted caramel or brown sugar. The beans used to make this blend are produced on three different coffee farms in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, all of which are certified bird-friendly.

Customers who prefer decaf can purchase the French Roast Decaf, another Thanksgiving Coffee roast that is sold on GoCoffeeGo’s website. This coffee is bold, rich, and intense, with notes of dark chocolate and toasted marshmallows. The beans are decaffeinated via chemical-free water processing, resulting in a brew that tastes similar to a classic French roast.

GoCoffeeGo offers customers a variety of other coffee selections featuring hard-to-find artisan roasts. Founded in 2008, it remains one of the largest online marketplaces for specialty coffee.

A satisfied customer said: “We’ve been enjoying GoCoffeeGo for over a year now and love the quality and diversity of the coffee choices. Also, the consistently great service is much appreciated.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=French+Roast

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