Organic Light-Roasted Italian Espresso Coffee For Crema: Collection Expanded

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Online specialty coffee retailer GoCoffeeGo LLC has expanded its collection of gourmet espressos for consumers who enjoy their coffee with crema.

Following the announcement, GoCoffeeGo’s customers now have a more varied selection of premium coffees to choose from, ranging from light-roasted espressos to darker, Italian-style blends. Many of the products that GoCoffeeGo offers on their website are also derived from organically grown beans, allowing their customers to support coffee farmers and producers who practice environmentally friendly agriculture.

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With the latest update, GoCoffeeGo remains true to its mission of providing its customers with hand-selected coffee from the top roasters in the industry. The espressos included in the selection are suitable for making coffee with crema, also known as coffee foam.

Crema can enhance the flavor of a brew, often leading to a more aromatic beverage with a stronger aftertaste. Often seen as the mark of a well-made espresso and high-quality beans, crema is readily achieved with GoCoffeeGo’s products because the premium coffees offered on their website are freshly roasted to order. Freshly roasted coffee beans continuously release oils through outgassing, resulting in a more pronounced crema than coffee beans that aren’t as fresh.

One of the coffees GoCoffeeGo offers on their site is the Northern Italian Style Espresso, which is a medium-roasted coffee provided by Thanksgiving Coffee. The roast was created from a blend of premium organic beans from the Americas, Indonesia, and Africa, and it was developed to be particularly conducive to rich crema formation. The resulting beverage has a balanced acidity with notes of milk chocolate, blueberry, currant, and floral tones.

For a light roast that’s also ideal for espresso, GoCoffeeGo recommends Camber’s Moonrise Blend, a blend produced from naturally processed beans grown in Ethiopia and washed beans from Colombia. This unique combination creates a sweet-tasting, fruity brew with complex acidity and notes of navel orange, red apple, raw honey, and blueberry.

With over 14 years in the specialty coffee industry, GoCoffeeGo has long-standing partnerships with many other award-winning roasters, allowing them to continue providing their customers with the most highly acclaimed coffee on the market. In addition to their premium espresso blends, GoCoffeeGo offers a range of other products, including single-origin, fair-trade, and certified bird-friendly coffees.

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