Sill-Less Service Windows For Extra Kitchen Space For Restaurants Launched

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New York-based window designers and master crafters OpenUp Windows have a new sill-less model of their popular service window for restaurants.

The window maker’s popular gas strut pass-through windows have long been a popular choice amongst restaurant and bar owners across America, and now they have a new sill-less model that creates even more kitchen space and better opens up the flow between interior and exterior areas. OpenUp Windows’ new sill-less service windows feature a minimalist design that can be adapted to suit any new build or any existing restaurant, and their three-sided flip-up frame means that when they are mounted, there will be no break in the countertop they are fixed above.

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OpenUp Windows has launched its new sill-less pass-through window design for a post-Covid world, where many bars and restaurants switched to a counter-serve model only to find this was in fact a more efficient use of resources and often preferred by patrons. Likewise, as American dining habits shift towards more European-style outdoor terraces, courtyards, and beer gardens, OpenUp Windows knows pass-through windows can be a game changer for restaurants.

That’s why they are constantly enhancing the features of their gas strut windows. They are confident that their new sill-less service window will add to the aesthetic of any restaurant, give restauranteurs more kitchen space, improve the efficiency of their ordering process, and better blend and utilize their indoor and outdoor spaces.

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OpenUp Windows manufactures all of its windows using sustainable, long-lasting, and high-quality materials like Accoya wood and they have a patented 2Fold® technology that ensures the life of the window for 10 years, and its component parts for 40.

OpenUp Windows’ newest model of sill-less service window is the product of over 40 years of research and development; as the window designers craft their products in-house, they can be completely customized.

OpenUp Windows was founded by New York engineer Ed Page. He and his team can work closely alongside restauranteurs and their architectural and construction team to build the perfect gas strut pass-through window/s.

A spokesperson for the window designers and master crafters said, “We strive to provide our customers with a modern showpiece that expands their view, encourages connection, and integrates their indoor and outdoor spaces. With OpenUp, you get the high-performance window of your dreams.”

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