El Segundo Brand Perception & Reputation Management Strategies, Report Released

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LO:LA, a creative marketing agency based in El Segundo, released a guide recommending six ways that companies can positively affect their brand’s perception.

LO:LA’s new guide provides brands with simple repositioning strategies they can use to help improve their reputation amongst consumers. The strategies combine elements of market research, brand identity development, and customer engagement.

More details can be found at https://www.thelolaagency.com/2023/03/09/6-simple-steps-to-positively-affect-poor-brand-perception

In the social media age, one negative post or review can significantly affect the way a brand is perceived by the public. Well-established brands usually shrug these negative perceptions off with ease, but for small and mid-sized brands they can be difficult to overcome. LO:LA’s new guide aims to help brands of all sizes improve their public perception by offering them tried-and-tested ways of influencing consumer thought and behavior.

The first thing the guide suggests brands do is to identify the root cause of the negative perception. In rare cases, this might just be a consumer with a vendetta against the brand. In most cases, however, the perception is a result of poor products, services, or messaging. Conducting market research can help brands determine what aspect needs to be fixed.

Next, the guide recommends brands assess their target audience’s needs and preferences and develop a plan for addressing them. This may include refining the brand’s messaging, modifying products and services, or shifting who the target audience should be. Whatever plan is chosen, the guide stresses that brands stay consistent and authentic.

The last steps in the guide revolve around engaging with consumers. This can be done through many channels, for example, social media, customer service, and advertising. The key is to be genuine, timely, and respectful. Brands should also leverage partnerships with influencers who can promote brands to wider audiences and lend them credibility.

To ensure that these strategies are working, the guide proposes that brands monitor their perception through follow-up market research, social listening, and customer feedback.

By following these steps, LO:LA believes that brands can overturn their negative perception. However, to help brands that may be struggling, LO:LA offers a variety of creative marketing services, including brand development, content creation, web design, and advertising campaigns. They also offer their Brand in a Box service, which is a one-stop solution for brands who require assistance in multiple departments.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.thelolaagency.com/2023/03/09/6-simple-steps-to-positively-affect-poor-brand-perception

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