Fort Lauderdale Content Marketing For Sports & Fitness Industries Expanded

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Fort Lauderdale marketing consultancy and strategist VITAZA Digital recently expanded its content marketing services for clients in the sports and fitness industries.

With the expansion, VITAZA Digital is providing teams and organizations, individual athletes, personal trainers and coaches, and sports medicine doctors with access to proven content marketing strategies. The strategies are ideal for clients looking to increase their brand awareness and drive strategic growth.

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The sports and fitness industries are difficult industries to stand out in. Crowded spaces and competitive markets make it tough for individuals and groups to emerge as leaders in their fields. VITAZA Digital’s content marketing services help individuals and groups elevate above their competition by heightening their brand and online presence and accelerating their vision.

VITAZA Digital employs a variety of content marketing strategies to help clients reach their goals. They create and manage a client’s entire branding ecosystem through identity building, social media, and collateral design. They also develop elegant and optimized websites with high-quality content tailored to the client. Paid media, such as Google ads, display ads, and social media ads, are also utilized.

To measure success, VITAZA Digital relies heavily on Google Analytics and other data analysis tools. These data-driven tools help to grow and scale sports and fitness businesses.

To take advantage of VITAZA Digital’s content marketing services, clients can request a marketing snapshot by filling out the form on their website. This report details a client’s digital footprint and suggests strategies for growth. If it’s a good fit, VITAZA Digital will partner with the client to start enacting the strategies.

“Since we partnered up with VITAZA Digital we’ve seen a noticeable uptick in engagement with our brand,” said a satisfied client. “Our business is being advertised in places we didn’t even realize were possible, and as a result, we’re more popular than ever before. I can’t thank Christina and her team enough.”

About VITAZA Digital

Founded by Christina Rosario in 2008, VITAZA Digital has since gone on to become South Florida’s premier boutique marketing firm. Their mission is to provide clients with exceptional branding, memorable content, compelling results, and transformative growth.

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