Brampton Criminal Lawyer For Aggravated Assault, Defence Services Launched

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A law firm serving the Brampton, ON, area (416-900-0998) announces an expansion of its services for defendants facing charges of aggravated assault.

The latest launch from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation provides clients with a rigorous and meticulously-prepared defence for a range of violent criminal offences. The firm brings a deep understanding of the Canadian justice system and renowned expertise in ensuring charges are correctly classified according to the Criminal Code.

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The announcement underlines Mr. Jaksa’s commitment to upholding the rights of clients as detailed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (CCRF) and ensuring that defendants fully understand the nature of the charges they face and all of the options available to them. The firm holds the Crown to account at every stage of the justice process and ensures that the burden of proof rests with the prosecution, preserving the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair and balanced hearing.

In cases of aggravated assault, convictions rest on proving the intention behind the act and foresight that it would result in serious injury to the victim. Section 268(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code details the criteria for assaults of this nature. Custodial sentences for these types of crimes can be as much as 14 years.

One of the more common defences for aggravated assault charges is self-defence. Mr. Jaksa has represented hundreds of clients in cases such as these and successfully established reduced responsibility on the grounds of reasonable force in defence of oneself, property, defence of another person, and self-reflexive action. The team can also help to reclassify charges. For example, having an aggravated assault charge reduced to assault causing bodily harm.

The firm brings an empathic approach to its caseload, helping to reduce the stress and confusion that accompanies being held on violent criminal charges. Mr. Jaksa ensures that clients have been treated fairly by law enforcement and have not been subjected to undue delays in process. All evidence is reviewed thoroughly to ensure that all submissions have been lawfully acquired.

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A spokesperson says, “A person found guilty of aggravated assault cannot receive a discharge. But a convicted person can receive a suspended sentence, fine and probation. There is no minimum jail sentence required upon conviction of aggravated assault.”

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