Mobile Pharma Traceability App, Optimized Supply Chain & Patient Safety Update

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A leading global company specializing in software solutions for supply chain visibility announces updates to its mobile application for the pharmaceutical industry.

The latest launch from rfxcel provides advanced data capture from virtually any location, empowering smarter decision-making and optimization of supply chains as well as driving improvements to patient outcomes.

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The announcement shares details of rfxcel’s proprietary Mobile Traceability app, designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, dispensers, hospitals, and distribution providers in the digital age. The platform assists these industry players to migrate from traditional paper record-keeping and logistical planning and embrace the power of a fully digital supply chain.

The pharmaceutical industry has endured a prolonged period of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic placing unprecedented pressure on global supplies, reflected in rising demand and increased costs for both suppliers and consumers. Economic conditions in the US and beyond have compounded these issues. While government-directed compliance measures are helping to restore public confidence in the light of counterfeiting scandals, there remains huge pressure on the sector to reinvent itself.

rfxcel’s mobile app combines its signature Traceability System with digital scanning features. This allows manufacturers and distributors to easily verify shipments and receipts and keep track of inventory across the supply chain.

Dispensers benefit from a system that ensures all products are legally compliant before being sold and provides a simple way to decommission inventory. The digital track and trace system eliminates human errors in supply chain management while also meeting the latest compliance directives.

rfxcel facilitates greater collaboration and an easy flow of data between partners and stakeholders, increases end-to-end visibility, and allows for automated inventory and distribution management. The MobileTraceability app also aids in risk management protocols while its recall capabilities promote patient safety while meeting regulatory standards.

Founded by Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff in 2003, rfxcel is an industry leader in traceability technology for the pharmaceutical sector. The company’s enterprise solutions deliver value and transparency – from manufacturing to retail.

A spokesperson says, “rfxcel Mobile Traceability adapts to any workflow, transforming how you manage your supply chain. The pharma industry has unique demands, and a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. The app allows us to be as flexible as you need us to be and to deliver granular visibility and flexibility anywhere your supply chain goes.”

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