Pickleball Dink Shot Technique, Non-Volley Zone Kitchen Coaching Guide Released

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Experience Pickleball, an online resource providing pickleball tips and tricks, released a guide teaching players how to execute a dink shot.

Experience Pickleball’s new guide is aimed toward players who have a firm grasp of pickleball basics and are looking to add a more advanced shot to their repertoire. The guide provides a step-by-step breakdown of the dink shot, from approach to strike to follow-through.

More details can be found at https://experiencepickleball.com/what-is-a-dink-in-pickleball

The dink shot is difficult to learn and master, but when used well, can catch an opponent off guard and change the trajectory of a point. With a dink shot, players deftly tap the ball over the net off a bounce from within their own kitchen, hoping to return the ball into their opponent’s kitchen with as little bounce as possible. Experience Pickleball’s guide teaches players the mechanics needed to effectively hit a dink shot and change the momentum of a match.

According to the guide, the key to hitting a successful dink shot is a gentle lifting motion. If too much power is generated in the wrist break and backswing it will cause the ball to go beyond the kitchen line. Moreover, the guide suggests that the paddle face should always be open and the swing should follow a low-to-high path generated by the shoulder.

The guide also recommends a few extra tips players can use when hitting a dink shot. Follow-through should be short to prevent the ball from traveling too far. Players should also use their legs rather than their back when getting set for a dink shot so that they retain their mobility. The guide also suggests that players get comfortable executing dink shots on both their forehand and backhand side for more flexibility in shot selection.

While they are similar shots, the guide is quick to point out the subtle differences between a dink shot and a drop shot. With drop shots players are seeking a similar outcome to the dink shot, but they are executing the shot from the baseline instead of the kitchen line, which significantly impacts the mechanics of the shot.

“If you have dreams of elevating your game to 4.0 and above, you’re going to need as many techniques under your belt as possible,” said Damien Dansel, founder of Experience Pickleball. “The dink shot is one of the most important as it can place a tremendous amount of pressure on your opponent mid-match.”

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