Estate Planning Firm Keystone Law Firm Sponsors “Succesful Aging” Event

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Keystone Law Firm sponsors the event “Successful Aging: Dementia Care Without The Fight” to help individuals navigate the challenges that come with caring for a dementia patient.

Keystone Law Firm, an award-winning estate planning firm in Arizona, served as a sponsor for the event Successful Aging: Dementia Care Without The Fight on March 29, 2023. The conference, held at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, aims to assist people in navigating the challenges that the aging population often faces. It hopes to inspire those taking care of dementia patients to not just be caregivers but also “care partners.”

Present at the event was international dementia expert and educator Teepa Snow. She talked about how caregivers can address numerous challenges that affect the patients’ way of living. Some of these include patients who show inaccurate perceptions and hallucinations, and distressed behaviors and insecurities.

There were over 240 attendees at the venue, who were passionate about learning about Alzheimer’s or dementia. Many wanted to know how to best partner with a family member who’s been stricken with the condition.

Sponsoring the event is part of Keystone Law Firm’s commitment to helping families and individuals protect the things they value most. Those stricken with dementia and the people who care for them need all the help they can get to improve the quality of their life. Overcoming difficult situations is key to all that, and the firm exists to help the aging population handle them.

With that, Keystone Law Firm routinely sponsors events to help individuals and their family members. The firm works with its clients to make sure that they can protect their loved ones, especially those stricken with illnesses.

Keystone Law Firm is home to a team of skilled and experienced estate planning attorneys. They understand how challenging it can be to protect assets from unfortunate events in the future, such as an illness or even death. Keystone Law Firm pays close attention to clients’ needs and goals to help them create a more secure future.

The firm is dedicated to helping families get their finances in order. They also help people foster their relationships with heirs and manage their resources. Keystone Law Firm aims to provide clients’ families with a better quality of life, even when they’re no longer around.

The firm handles concerns on estate planning, probate, trust, and long-term care planning law for clients in and around Chandler, AZ. This includes prominent places in the state such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Sun Lakes, Mesa, Apache Junction, and Tempe.

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