Lincoln Park, Chicago Cooking Lessons In Orphanages: Charity Initiative Launched

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Joey’s Food Fight is launching its educational cooking program to teach valuable life skills to orphans throughout Chicago and beyond.

While many charities draw the line at providing money and resources, Joey’s Food Fight is taking a more hands-on approach by building kitchens right in the orphanages they work with, providing an on-site location in which the foundation can host its newly announced classes, as well as high-quality facilities that will serve the children and staff for years to come.

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With the launch of each new kitchen at orphanages throughout Chicago, renowned chef and founder Joey Morelli brings his expertise and lighthearted attitude to get kids excited to learn about cooking. From sourcing food, to cooking and sanitation, Joey’s Food Fight equips children with all the skills they need to work in a kitchen, whether they’re cooking for themselves or starting their own career as a chef.

Joey’s Food Fight was founded on the vision of not only feeding these children, but giving them the confidence to provide for themselves. In an interview about the legacy he wants to leave behind, Joey Morelli shared his hopes that children who love the program will grow up to take his place, spreading the joy of cooking to children all over the world when he is no longer able to do the work himself.

Despite the foundation’s strong roots in Chicago, it has global ambitions to ensure that every orphan has access to a functional kitchen and food education. In 2022, the foundation began to realize this vision through their partnership with Hope House in Cambodia, where Morelli worked directly with the children in charge of their kitchen to visit local markets and develop sustainable, healthy meal plans.

Morelli’s travels and work are documented across the foundation’s social media platforms to raise awareness and support for their mission. Videos with the latest projects and recipes from Joey’s Food Fight can be found at

A spokesperson for the foundation summarized their mission by saying, “Our goal is to cook for the resident kids and to teach them how to prepare good quality meals within their budget. We will also work with them to set up professional kitchens and most importantly, teach them the culinary skills necessary to continue supplying good, healthy food long after we leave.”

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