‘Animal Spirits’: New Book Highlights Importance Of Ethical Behavior At Work

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Author, motivational speaker and financier H.C. Yip has released a new novel called ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard’ about American workplace culture, published by Sammy Champ Store.

Taking inspiration from George Orwell’s famous work of human satire and condemnation, ‘Animal Farm’, H.C. Yip seeks to tell a similar story of greed, exploitation and deceit for the 21st century, using animal characters to emphasize humanity’s basest instincts. In ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard’ H.C. Yip and publishers Sammy Champ Store tell a didactic and edifying tale that serves as a call to action for everyday Americans to reevaluate the standard work culture in the country and the environment of competition and corruption it fosters.

More information is available at https://sammychampstore.com/2023-q1-blog-posts-collection/b/animal-spirits-karma-bites-hard

H.C. Yip has published his new book in a post-Covid world where inflation continues to rise and real wages continue to become more stagnant. Based upon his own workplace experiences – H.C. Yip was let go from his job in high finance in the midst of the pandemic with little ado – the novelist uses his new book to comment on how a culture of increasing self-promotion, self-centeredness and self-aggrandization has intersected with economic instability and trends like worker casualization to create a breeding ground for toxic work culture.

In order to best satirize and condemn this culture, ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard’ crafts a heightened Machiavellian world of office politics and a suitably conniving and destructive villain, simply called Wolf, at its center.

Narratively speaking, H.C. Yip’s new novel for Sammy Champ Store pits Wolf, an amoral and diabolical boss, against a string of ‘lesser’ animals who must try to not only exist but thrive in his world, against an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Tensions in the novel rise until one of the victims of the office, called Monkey, ends up dead.

H.C. Yip is a well-known author and speaker who has used his experiences in the world of finance to help Americans live more kind, happy and honest lives. He is proud to be publishing ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard’ for Sammy Champ Store, a similarly well-known innovator in the retail and publishing spaces.

A spokesperson for the novelist and publisher said, “‘Animal Spirits’ is a story that highlights the importance of good character and ethical behaviour in the workplace, particularly in industries like banking where corruption and greed can run rampant. By drawing attention to the dangers of office politics and reminding us of the consequences of engaging in morally bankrupt behaviour, the story serves as a warning and a call to action for those in the workplace to strive for a better, more ethical world.”

More details can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/9811866481

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