Windsor ON 1-oz Random Year Gold Maple Leaf: Authentic RCM Bullion Announced

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In response to the growing demand for long-term investment assets, CanAm Currency Exchange (519-915-5151) has updated its offerings with 99.99% pure Canadian Maple Leaf bars from the Royal Canadian Mint.

With their recent update, CanAm Currency Exchange offers Canadian Maple Leaf bars in 1-oz random year options which all feature the mint’s unique micro-engraved maple leaves and vertical lines.

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CanAm Currency Exchange’s collection gives investors access to a secure and professional service for adding resilient assets to diversify their retirement or savings portfolios.

As global economic uncertainty continues to rise, many individuals are seeking ways to hedge their investments to mitigate future risks. Furthermore, while traditional assets such as stocks and shares are subject to the pressures of the financial market, the intrinsic value of precious metals provides a longer-term hedge against factors such as inflation and recession.

In response, CanAm Currency Exchange seeks to offer investors access to authentic gold and silver assets at competitive rates with secure services.

The Canadian Maple Leaf bars available from the exchange are made with 99.99% pure gold and minted at one of the most recognizable mints in the world: the Royal Canadian Mint. These gold bars are well-known for their quality and purity, making them ideal for investors wanting assets that are easily identified for their value and authenticity.

Furthermore, CanAm Currency Exchange’s range includes Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins in 1/10 oz and 1/4 oz sizes. They also have a wide selection of bars from other mints such as Valcambi and Suisse, as well as coins such as American Gold Eagle and Silvertowne Buffalo Silver Rounds.

Customers purchasing precious metals from CanAm Currency Exchange can receive expert guidance from the company’s team of experts, as well as competitive market prices. Additionally, they provide insured and audited storage facilities across Canada and the USA for those wanting to keep their precious metal assets in a secure location.

Investors looking to liquidate their precious metal assets are also able to get over-the-phone quotes from the company with pre-paid, fully insured shipping and next-day payments following verification.

A client of the company said, “CanAm Currency Exchange staff are very friendly and professional. They are informative, and I wouldn’t trust my money with anyone else.”

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