Non-Motorized Walking Bike For Limited Mobility Adults To Stay Active, Update

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Alinker has announced updates to purchasing options for its innovative no-pedal walking bike, designed to assist individuals with mobility issues to maintain an active lifestyle.

The company is committed to creating accessibility to all through mobility and argues that disabilities do not define the person. As such, the team now offers new payment options to make the product more accessible – including a rent-to-own program, and ‘gently owned’ options at a lower price point.

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The recent announcement comes as research shows that 39 million US adults have some form of mobility impairment affecting their physical movement. Alinker aims to address the challenges experienced by adults with disabilities with a functional walking bike that is not treated as a medical device, but a lifestyle product.

Under the company’s rent-to-own program, individuals can use the bike for up to 4 months and decide whether to buy it or not after that period. The Gently Used Alinker option allows individuals to get the bike with slight cosmetic damages after having been returned by its previous owner but with no structural damages on a first come, first serve basis.

The Alinker is a non-motorized walking bike that is designed to assist those who want to maintain mobility and an active lifestyle. ‘Movement is medicine’ is a phrase championed by the team, as the bike encourages the brain to activate and create neural pathways that encourage movement on a daily basis.

The bike can be used by individuals with diabetes, arthritis, or Parkinson’s – and it has also proven effective for adults with Alzheimer’s and those who are recovering from a stroke. These conditions can limit mobility, but the Alinker provides a solution that promotes movement and active living.

First introduced to the Dutch market in 2014, the bike is now available throughout the US. It has received attention for its innovative design, which allows users to walk upright and maintain balance, unlike traditional walkers or mobility scooters.

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With its bike, Alinker wanted to challenge society’s assumptions about disability and created a custom-designed solution that doesn’t treat disability as a problem. The bike has three wheels, a saddle, and handlebars, but no pedals, making it easier for individuals with limited mobility to use.

The product is foldable and lightweight enough to be transported in cars or on public transport. It is available in three different sizes based on the requirements of the customer – allowing them to maintain their independence and lead a fulfilling life.

A spokesperson states: “It is not so much the physical abilities but rather the mindset of wanting to be active and engaged, wanting to be healthy and active, knowing that it will take effort, but that the effort is worth the benefits and well-feeling.”

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