Burien Hypnotherapy Training For Hypnosis Healing & Therapy, Service Expands

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Excel Hypnosis (206-549-1108), a hypnosis and hypnotherapy center based in West Seattle, is now running hypnotherapy training programs.

The head clinician and hypnotherapy expert at Excel Hypnosis, Anthony Gitch, has drawn acclaim within the Seattle wellness community and across the US for his innovative work in the field of hypnosis. Now, he is working with more interested members of the Seattle community, including licensed massage therapists, clinical social workers, counselors, wellness coaches, and acupuncturists, who want to enrich their existing practices with the tools of hypnotherapy and hypnosis healing.

More information is available at https://excelhypnosis.com/

Anthony Gitch for Excel Hypnosis has long advocated for and developed hypnosis treatments, but his hypnotherapy training expansion comes as the practice gains widespread acceptance in the medical community. As a recent article by Penn Medicine – of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania – said, hypnosis can significantly aid patients who present with conditions as varied as insomnia and sleepwalking, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain. As UPenn’s recent research showcased, it is also a powerful tool for overcoming addictions and other behavior disorders.

In his years as one of Seattle’s leading hypnotherapists, Anthony Gitch has seen all these benefits and more, which is why he is now offering a teaching program that will allow participants to become a Certified Professional Hypnotist, recognized by the state of Washington and by the International Certification Board Of Coaches & Hypnotists (ICBCH).

Moreover, Excel Hypnosis believes its course will allow its students to become highly effective hypnotherapists. Unlike standard hypnotherapy training programs that tend to focus on stilted language patterns, which can be difficult to learn and impractical to implement, their course focuses on developing the skill of conversational hypnosis.

The hypnotherapy center’s training program will also cover CONTROL, a patented hypnotherapy tool. CONTROL is a very popular methodology in the UK that has been developed to ensure the hypnotist can create a safe space for each patient and elicit transformational conversations with them.

Excel Hypnosis is Anthony Gitch’s renowned hypnosis and hypnotherapy center. They are based in the West Seattle Wellness clinic in Westwood Village.

For non-Seattle-based interested parties, remote training programs are now also available.

A spokesperson for Anthony Gitch said, “Our hypnosis training course is designed to teach you the skills and techniques needed to become a successful hypnotist and CONTROL practitioner. You will learn how to guide individuals into a state of subconscious dominance, where they are more open to suggestion and can make positive changes to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

More details can be found at https://excelhypnosis.com/

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