2023 NoCo Hemp Pitch Award Winners For Innovation In The Industry Announced

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Bee Delightful has been announced as the 1st place winner of the second annual NoCo Hemp Pitch, a competition held during the 2023 NoCo Hemp Expo.

This award is distributed on a yearly basis to celebrate innovation in the legal hemp industry, bringing boundary-pushing industry professionals to the forefront. The Bee Delightful project, a collaborative effort by Skyler Johnstone and Daniel Weaver, has received the award this year and will receive legal and monetary assistance as they move the project forward.

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During the NoCo Hemp Pitch live competition, Johnstone was able to effectively sway the judges over the course of his six-minute presentation, securing victory for his team and his company.

As the recipients of the NoCo Hemp Pitch award, Johnstone and Weaver are being celebrated not only as leading entrepreneurs in the hemp industry, but also as impactful environmental activists. The Bee Delightful project and their honey brand, Buzzed Bees, have overseen significant progress on both fronts, which is why they were awarded the top prize.

The project has facilitated the rescue of over 2 million honey bees from 100 at-risk colonies, which are typically threatened by pesticides, development, or other environmental factors. Many of their bees are rescued from residential areas where they would otherwise be subject to extermination, with the colonies instead being relocated to chemical-free apiaries.

The honey produced by these colonies is then collected by Weaver, who is an expert beekeeper with many years of experience. Buzzed Bees bottles that honey, infusing it with naturally occurring, federally legal compounds sourced from organic hemp farms in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky.

As with all winners of the NoCo award, Johnstone and Weaver will receive the funding and legal backing necessary to navigate the complicated and dynamic laws that govern the legal hemp industry. The sale of their products goes directly towards expanding their bee rescue operation, a process which this monetary assistance will help them accelerate.

Skyler Johnstone has made an impact in the legal hemp industry in a very short time, becoming a prominent voice in the bee rescue field and partnering with dozens of sanctuary properties across Texas. His partnership with Daniel Weaver ensures that these bees receive the proper care so that they can continue producing pure, organic wildflower honey.

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