Travis Heights College Planning & Admissions Support, Counseling Program Expands

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College Inroads (512-200-3626) has expanded its personalized college planning program, which provides students with the expert insight and resources needed to make an informed decision during their university selection and application process.

With up to 16 detailed steps, the latest program is a comprehensive and simplified way for students to navigate the college planning process. An educational consultant and application specialist will hold one-on-one sessions to help research, shortlist, and select colleges that align with the candidate’s academic and career goals.

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Following the announcement, College Inroads wants to help to-be high school graduates and their families looking to make the college search and selection process less tedious and time-consuming, offering access to a private student portal that allows them to track progress.

A spokesperson for the consultancy stated: “Each student has their own dashboard to work through the entire college planning process. It includes college profiles, to-do lists, application outlines, and more, helping the student keep organized.”

With the student’s desired major, college criteria, and long-term educational and career goals in mind, the educational consultant will provide a list of 20 to 30 colleges. The students are then given advice on how to increase their chances of acceptance.

College Inroads’ data platform can also be used by the students to quickly compare their preferred colleges. Additionally, students are also provided with an SAT/ACT diagnostic test, online prep, and assistance in crafting their college essay submissions.

The application specialist will then take students through the entire process of applying for their top picks, and ensure all the necessary markers are met for timely submission. College Inroads also offers assistance with mock interviews, scholarship and student loan information, and financial aid applications.

With over 35 years of experience, College Inroads has helped over 1000 students – some of whom have been accepted to Berkeley, John Hopkins, Brown University, Cornell University, Duke University, Penn State, and other reputable universities.

A satisfied client said: “With the help and support of College Inroads, my high school senior went from being ambivalent about college to getting accepted into a fashion program at a 4-year university. This service gave my child guidance and counseling to help them find their passion, narrow down the search for a school, complete the applications, and get accepted into their top choice.”

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