Product eClass By Jason Fladlien: eLearning Business Marketing Course Launched

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MunchEye has announced the launch of Product eClass, a training program run by Jason Fladlien to teach entrepreneurs how to find sought-after info product ideas and create their own online business.

With the eLearning industry approaching a value of $645 billion, the new training provides actionable advice and guidance on how to find a niche, create products, and build an audience. The methods are based on strategies that allowed Jason Fladlien to build his own 9-figure information business.

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Taught over Zoom to a select audience, the new training is based on the principle of finding specific problems and pain points for customers that can be addressed through the creation of a single product. Jason teaches an ‘instant gratification’ framework that allows for increased audience engagement.

The six-step process taught in the Product eClass course is designed to take entrepreneurs from ideation to execution. The program covers everything from developing a concept to creating a compelling sales pitch that will resonate with potential customers. This comprehensive approach helps students to create sought-after products that are appealing to a targeted audience demographic.

In addition to the creative skills taught in the course, Product eClass also offers audience engagement tips that are specific to the info product industry. Jason Fladlien teaches students how to identify top spenders and how to tailor their products to meet the needs of their target audience.

The course also covers marketing strategies that are important for building traction and driving conversion. Paid advertising fundamentals, email marketing tips, and lead-generation techniques are all included in the session. Students will learn how to develop a marketing plan that is tailored to their specific product and target audience, which will enable them to create a robust strategy for long-term growth.

Additional companion packages include 101 effective topics to harness in product creation and strategies for using AI to find popular niches and create content faster.

A spokesperson states: “In spite of the fact that there are millions of YouTube videos and Podcasts available for free, people still buy info products to the tune of tens of millions of dollars per day. Once you understand the hidden why for this, it will change everything for you.”

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