Sprained Ankle Ice Packs, Adjustable Straps For Compression Therapy Announced

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Cool Relief, a company providing cold therapy products and devices, announced the addition of its Ankle Ice Pack to its online store.

Cool Relief’s Ankle Ice Pack provides effective, long-lasting relief from the pain and swelling brought on by ankle injuries. The wrap’s comprehensive design allows for 360-degree upper foot and ankle coverage.

More details can be found at https://www.coolrelief.net/collections/ankle-foot/products/ankle-ice-pack-by-cool-relief

Ankle sprains are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries in the United States. Studies have shown that as many as 25,000 people suffer an ankle sprain per day. The traditional treatment for an ankle sprain is rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E.). The Ankle Ice Pack from Cool Relief provides two of the four components of R.I.C.E. all in one device.

The Ankle Ice Pack is a lightweight wrap that utilizes superior ice pack technology and compression to provide instant, long-lasting relief of ankle injury pain. The wrap is made with a micromesh material that offers better coverage and compression than traditional ice wraps. The wrap also features adjustable elastic straps, which can be tightened as needed for added security.

For cooling, the Ankle Ice Pack comes with a reusable ice pack insert set. Customers simply freeze the inserts and then slide them into the wrap. On one freeze, customers can typically get multiple icing sessions. The inserts are segmented also, allowing for flexibility and movement while wearing the wrap.

Aside from the relief that the Ankle Ice Pack provides, customers can significantly speed up injury recovery. Because it’s machine-washable, customers can also clean the wrap without fear of damaging it or diminishing its effectiveness.

“My wife was in a car accident years ago and she had to have reconstructive surgery on her ankle,” said a satisfied customer. “Over the years it has become more and more painful for her. Your Ankle Ice Pack gives her much-needed relief from the pain and helps keep the swelling down. The product’s quality is very good too; it looks and feels as though it’s built to last.”

About Cool Relief

Cool Relief has been providing medical-grade personal cooling and heating devices to customers around the world since 2007. In addition to ankle wraps, the company offers wraps for the knees, shoulders, hips, back, feet, wrists, elbows, jaw, face, and neck.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.coolrelief.net/collections/ankle-foot/products/ankle-ice-pack-by-cool-relief

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