Lincoln, UK Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment To Improve Flexibility Expands

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MSK Doctors (01522 904 420), a private clinic specialising in musculoskeletal injuries and regenerative medicine, has updated its treatments for Osteoarthritis of the knee to include a new option for sustained relief.

While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, a new treatment available at MSK Doctors has been shown to provide pain relief for up to one year or longer, and increased flexibility, with only a single minimally invasive injection.

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Injectable knee treatments that help to cushion the joint are not new, but this recently added option from MSK Doctors uses a non-biodegradable hydrogel which has been shown to last longer than traditional options, since it cannot be easily absorbed into the body. Known commonly as Arthrosamid, this treatment is not currently available through the NHS, though it is available at private clinics.

Arthrosamid treatments can be completed in a single visit, though patients may wish to schedule a pre-consultation with a musculoskeletal specialist, to determine if Arthrosamid is right for their situation. Appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone without a GP referral, using the clinic’s self-booking option, which follows a strict “no waiting list” policy to help patients access near-immediate appointments.

The procedure involves a single injection into the knee, completed using ultrasound guidance, after the patient receives a local anaesthetic. After the procedure is complete, patients will be mobile, but restricted from strenuous activities for up to several days.

Patients will be asked to limit their walking distance, and not to jog, run, or play sports, though how long the restrictions are in place can vary from person to person. An MSK Doctors specialist will work individually with each client to determine how restricted their movements should be, and for how long.

Arthrosamid has been tested in the human body for over 20 years and has been proven both safe and effective. Though side effects are possible, they are considered to be both mild and temporary. The most commonly reported issues are minor pain or swelling at the injection site, which fades within the first few days.

The MSK Doctors clinic was the first clinic in the UK approved to provide Arthrosamid treatments and now offers some of the most experienced specialists for the new procedure, with more than 150 injections completed.

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