Michael Byars Announces Acquisition CEO, a Business Building and M&A Mastermind

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Michael Byars has announced the dates for the next live event of his Acquisition CEO Mastermind, geared toward helping entrepreneurs buy, build, and scale their business projects.

Michael Byars, a veteran Entrepreneur, business, and management consultant, featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur, has announced the next Acquisition CEO Live Mastermind. The event, whose goal is to guide participants interested in learning strategies for wealth creation, brings together business acquisition experts who have successfully acquired more than 20 companies, secured 9 figures in annual revenue, and built their legacies around service-based leadership.

More information is available at https://www.michaelbyars.com

Mr. Byars, the Founder of Acquisition CEO, helps entrepreneurs acquire 7 figure businesses while building goodwill and structural capital. Structural capital refers to the intangible assets of an organization, such as customer relationships, brand recognition, and internal processes and practices that contribute to its success. It is the value created by the organization’s operational efficiency and its use of resources.

The potential pitfalls of buying an existing business include undisclosed liabilities, outdated business models, and unfavorable contracts. On the other hand, the opportunities involved when securing a proven business with brand recognition and existing cash flow cannot be overstated. Seasoned business consultants like Mr. Byars can help with the process of finding and evaluating potential business acquisitions, negotiating terms and conditions, and closing the deal. They can also provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the process.

Acquisition CEO programs and events are created by Michael Byars. Mr. Byars, who completes high-stakes equity deals every day, offers insights into his exclusive strategies and methods while presenting collaborative business opportunities each week.

Program members will learn the proven strategies and concepts that will position them to close high-ticket private equity deals and small business acquisitions. They will benefit from the mentorship and guidance of seasoned professionals, partners, and special guests.

Since the biggest barrier to entry in the private equity and small business acquisition worlds is access to information, networks, and opportunities, the organization’s live events facilitate direct communications and partnerships, providing program members with the resources they need to get started and be successful in their pursuits. All events feature expert speakers, access to key contacts, and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.

“I complete a lot of deals, and while I can easily go to the negotiation table alone, completing a deal and scaling a business for sale requires a team,” says Mr. Byars. “It’s about creating an atmosphere where each team member brings their best to the table and encourages those around them to do the same.”

If someones goal is 1 million social media followers, Michael may not be their guy. If their aim is to lock down their first million dollar business and build from there, sign up today!

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