Get Ready For Summer With The Screamin Peach – Longmont’s Waxing Services

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The Screamin Peach – Longmont is a waxing studio that offers services such as women’s hair removal, men’s hair removal, spray tans, and sugaring, which are perfect for getting ready for summer. They are located at 1230 S. Hover Rd A-200, Longmont, CO 80501.

The waxing studio, The Screamin Peach – Longmont, is known for its amazing customer service, experienced and knowledgeable employees, and excellent services, making it the perfect place to go to get ready for the summer. It is a locally owned business that is proud to stand apart from other studios by providing a comfortable environment, an exceptionally talented team, and a level of personalized service that has earned The Screamin Peach – Longmont both local and national recognition. This waxing company was first opened by Jen Eichorn in 2006 with a vision to create a space where everyone who walks through the door feels comfortable, safe, and important. This business continues that vision by believing that everyone should feel confident in their own skin and deserves to be the best that they can be and by keeping a skilled team that loves building one-on-one relationships with clients through open communication, support, kindness, and respect. The Screamin Peach – Longmont understands that waxing can be awkward and even scary at first, but they are passionate about helping people, no matter their age or gender, look and feel great while also feeling comfortable and safe. Every client leaves The Screamin Peach – Longmont feeling as good about the service they were provided as they do about the way they look, which has kept customers coming back again and again to get this business’s personalized care and amazing services. The Screamin Peach – Longmont is proud to be a unique waxing studio that provides a wide variety of services tailored to each client’s individual needs. These services include women’s hair removal, men’s hair removal, “face time” face waxing, brow shaping and consultation, lash services, spray tans, microblading, sugaring, and other special services showing they have a service for everyone. Because of their high customer satisfaction and quality services, the Screamin Peach – Longmont has continued to expand with three convenient locations in Northern Colorado, has won national and local awards, and has an impressive 4.8-star review on Google.

The Screamin Peach – Longmont is the perfect place to go to get ready for summer. Between shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits, this waxing studio is a great solution for those who want a hairless look this summer. The Screamin Peach – Longmont ensures customer safety and satisfaction is their highest priority by having a strict no-double-dipping policy that keeps their products clean and their clients leaving with a happy and healthy experience. The Screamin Peach – Longmont offers women’s hair removal on areas such as the arms, hands and fingers, underarms, bikini, Brazilian, full rear, anus, legs, feet and toes, back, neck, and abdomen with the result of bare skin on any body part that is waxed for 3-6 weeks. Their men’s hair removal service is very similar to waxing on areas like brow shaping, ear, nose, back, neck, chest, abdomen, arm, leg, rear, anus, manscaping, and manzilian/Brazilian. Along with waxing to get ready for the summer, The Screamin Peach – Longmont also offers sugaring which is a natural hair removal technique where a warm paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water is smoothed onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and is gently removed after it hardens and cools, taking the hair along with it. This is a great alternative to waxing and lasts for 4-6 weeks. The Screamin Peach – Longmont is the go-to waxing studio for those wanting to get ready for summer in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment.