Indonesian Bali Blue Coffee: Dark Medium Roasted Bourbon Beans Launched

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A gourmet coffee retailer has added a new Indonesian coffee to its range of organic, single-origin varieties. The recently launched ‘Bali Blue’ from Boss Brew Coffee is made with Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor beans handpicked in the Kintamani region of Indonesia.

This latest addition to Boss Brew’s selection of premium coffees is a certified organic product, produced by smallholder farmers at altitudes of 1200-1600 M above sea level. Grown in Kintamani’s volcanic loam soil, the beans are wet-hulled and dried on raised beds once picked.

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This process helps to bring out the unique flavor of this new coffee, which has a bold tasting profile including notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar. The recently added coffee is dark-medium roasted, which provides a low level of acidity and bold aroma when brewed, making it most suited to coffee drinkers who prefer robust, smokey flavors.

Like many other Indonesian coffees, Bali Blue is made up of Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor beans, all of which are Arabica bean varietals. Indonesia is the 11th largest producer of Arabica beans and the world’s 4th largest coffee-growing country overall, producing 8.1% of the coffee grown worldwide in 2015.

Boss Brew’s Indonesian Bali Blue coffee is available in 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, or 5lb bags as either whole beans or as a standard, coarse, or espresso grind.

Customers looking to try other single-origin varieties can also find products from Peru, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, and several other countries renowned for their coffee farming traditions in Boss Brew’s online store. Alternatively, the brand also offers a selection of flavored coffees such as Chocolate Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Altogether, this gourmet coffee retailer offers 43 different coffee varieties. The launch of this latest coffee from Indonesia is in line with Boss Brew Coffee’s commitment to bringing the flavors of the top coffee-producing nations to coffee aficionados across the globe.

Boss Brew Coffee offers a wide selection of premium flavored and single-origin coffees from around the world. The brand has established a strong reputation for its unique, high-quality products from exotic destinations, as indicated by its numerous positive testimonials.

Satisfied customers who tried the Bali Blue coffee said, “It delivered a delightful even flavor while yielding a wonderful aroma,” and “One of the best coffees out there…Mellow and really delicious.”

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