Expert Long Biased Trading Chatroom Education for Amateur Traders, New Resources

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My Investing Club (MIC) announces a new series of educational resources, providing expert long-biased trading chat room education for amateur traders seeking professional guidance.

MIC’s newest resources are designed to help amateur traders gain better insight in long biased trading through a supportive Slack chat room environment combined with an array of additional learning tools – including live mentorship, an ever-expanding video library, and live trading sessions.

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This expansion comes at a time when more people are exploring day trading after the industry has seen a boost during the pandemic. MIC’s new resources cater to the growing demand for reliable and structured trading education that helps amateur traders develop the skills needed for success, as the community acknowledges that inadequate education is the leading cause of failure among beginner day traders.

The educational resources offered by MIC cover essential concepts including market cycles, technical analysis, scalping, long- and short-biased trading, and more. They are designed to help traders of all levels achieve consistent profitability and financial freedom through structured mentorship and guidance.

One of the focus points of the recent expansion is long-biased trading – the more suitable approach for beginners. While shorting (selling an asset not currently owned with the expectation that the price will decline) is attractive during times of higher volatility, it requires more extensive experience, precise market timing, and higher risk tolerance, explains Alex Temiz, MIC co-founder and experienced day trader.

The fundamentals of long trading are easier to grasp, he adds – and the risks are limited, since the maximum amount that can be lost on any position is only the amount invested. Comparatively, shorting a position can theoretically lead to unlimited losses, though the risk is generally mitigated by stop loss orders. Coupled with the historically positive performance of the market and the intuitive nature of the trade, more in line with the traditional principle of “buy low, sell high,” long trading is a suitable strategy for any beginner looking to gain experience in day trading while reducing their risks.

With MIC, new members have access to a supportive chat room where they can get answers to their questions and explore a wide range of educational resources – and one-on-one mentorship with one of the MIC experts provides additional insight and guidance.

MIC’s educational resources are supported by a team of experienced day traders and mentors, including co-founders Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen, and Tosh Bradley – the founding trio that has helped thousands of members turn day trading into a full-time career.

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