Plano Dental Implants; Short Recovery All-On-X Overdenture Treatment Updated

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Leading Frisco dental practice Millennium Smiles (972-987-4899) updates its implant services, offering the latest all-on-x techniques for adults in Plano, McKinney, Little Elm, and surrounding districts.

As part of the recent revisions, the clinic has introduced advanced all-on-x overdenture procedures, allowing for secure and long-lasting replacements of entire upper or lower sets. Medical-grade titanium is used for all implants, offering additional health benefits, as well as accelerating healing times.

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Millennium Smiles explains that missing teeth can lead to several long-term health concerns, and the latest implant services are more effective at addressing such issues. In addition, the use of advanced porcelain and zirconium prosthetics allows for more accurate color matching, resulting in a highly natural appearance.

The American College of Prosthodontists reports that approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, with up to 40 million individuals missing all their teeth. In addition to the psychosocial impacts, the loss of teeth can result in deterioration of the jawbone, as well as changes in facial shape.

Millennium Smiles’ latest implant services are designed to prevent such problems, with medical-grade titanium rods performing the same role as natural teeth roots. The clinic states that implants are also less likely to affect the integrity of surrounding teeth, a concern that is often associated with other techniques, such as bridges.

“Implants function and feel just like natural teeth, and due to their stability and durability, they’re becoming a new gold standard for tooth replacement,” a clinic representative explained. “Our medical-grade titanium implants are the most secure and natural-feeling replacement solution for absent teeth.”

About Millennium Smiles

As one of the most advanced clinics in the wider Frisco region, Millennium Smiles offers a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, obstructive sleep apnea treatment, temporomandibular joint therapies, and 24/7 emergency appointments.

“On my first visit to Millennium Smiles, I was impressed, and I’ve been continuously impressed ever since,” one patient recently stated. “I wanted to find the best dentistry possible, as I needed implants. Millennium Smiles carried out a 6-implant overdenture on my lower jaw and a denture on the upper, and I’m super happy with my new smile.”

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