Med Spa Social Media Marketing & Management: Brand Awareness & Visibility Update

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Digital Page Marketing has updated its creative branding and social media management solutions for medical spas and aestheticians looking to increase their bookings for facials and similar beauty treatment services.

The marketing agency is now helping medical spas communicate with their potential and existing clients at every stage in their customer lifecycle, targeting and re-engaging the best leads through creative media techniques.

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The service update at Digital Page Marketing responds to recent research that found that seemingly minor changes in the way a brand engages users on social media can alter their engagement in major ways. For example, Fourth Source reported that posts with a location tag, or ‘geo-tag’, will receive 79% higher engagement on average than those without one. Similarly, video posts on Instagram get 21.2% more interactions than images.

The marketing agency can help med spa clients scale their social media marketing approach, creating lasting impressions and extending their reach to dominate the local market. This typically begins with split testing to identify the solutions that deliver optimal conversion rates and eliminate guesswork.

The agency’s branding professionals, marketers, and social media experts deliver strategies that are goal-oriented, whether the medical spa is looking to improve its reputation in the saturated local industry or fill the calendar with bookings over the spring-summer season. Using results-driven social media strategies, the agency will combine creative images, videos, audio, and text posts that optimize brand exposure and online activity.

Digital Page Marketing will control every aspect of how the med spa appears online, from the reviews left on its GMB listings to the posts and conversations on its social media profiles. Moreover, it can use cross-promotion to legitimize the business and encourage trust, while transforming social media engagement into appointments through strategically placed links and booking tools.

The company will generate leads for beauty facial appointments through hyper-local targeted marketing techniques, before qualifying the best prospects for re-engagement. As such, medical spas and beauticians can acquire databases of top leads most likely to recommend services to others and return to the business time and again.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Take control of how your company looks online. We are here to help you build the right social media strategy that fits your goals and takes you to where you want to be.”

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