Chicago Data-Driven PPC For Targeted Lead Generation: Agency Services Announced

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120/80 has launched their new PPC digital marketing service, allowing businesses to harness data-driven automation tools across a number of specialty channels.

This newly launched service gives businesses the opportunity to use 120/80’s expansive suite of automated promotional tools to facilitate growth. These new services include complex data analytics, SEO tools, and PPC management to tightly control ad spend, placement, and content to maximize the effectiveness of a given campaign.

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This newly launched media management service allows businesses to take control of their online presence in a way that is both affordable and effective. Their service is partnered with many of the highest-traffic ad channels, such as LinkedIn, Quora, Quantcast, Microsoft, and others.

120/80 has launched this service to give their clients the data analysis tools necessary to participate competitively on the playing field of modern online marketing. These tools are designed to take advantage of algorithmic and organic factors which 120/80 can leverage in the interest of increasing exposure and qualified traffic.

Among these new services are a number of targeted automation methods that have been used in the past to reach highly specific audiences. For example, their LinkedIn Lead Automation package helps clients locate and isolate their best-fit audience, focusing automated marketing material exclusively onto channels where that audience is likely to appear.

In the company’s own words: “120/80’s proprietary LinkedIn lead generation software helps you build LinkedIn connections and convert them into potential leads through multiple customized touch points. Our strategy includes segmented campaigns that consist of a series of LinkedIn connection requests, thank-you messages to the people who added our client, and follow-up messages designed to make new connections take notice.”

120/80’s campaigns are targeted in such a way that leverages not only the interests and habits of a specific audience, but also the capabilities of the platform where the promotion takes place. The company hosts similar specialized campaigns on other channels, directing automated email and B2B promotional campaigns to draw only qualified traffic.

These methods have been used preliminarily by several specialty ecommerce clients, each of whom has reported a high degree of effectiveness from this program. Interested parties can contact 120/80 to request a proposal and get a custom quote based on their needs, goals, and budget.

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