London, ON Over The Phone Currency Exchange For US, Foreign Students Launched

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CanAm Currency Exchange (519-915-5151) has announced a phone-based booking system in London, Ontario, for US foreign students looking for competitive rates and conversions for their United States and Canadian dollars.

CanAm Currency Exchange provides a lower fee alternative, with up to 2.25% better rates for USD to CAD transactions than those of high-street banks.

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With their phone-based services, the Windsor-based currency exchange offers US foreign students a simple means of getting a no-obligation quote and locking in a transaction’s rate before sending and receiving their desired currency.

As a student travelling across borders, converting currencies can often become costly in both time and fees. This expense can often chip into a student’s finances, causing additional stress when paying bills and budgeting for food.

By providing their competitive rates and easily accessible services, CanAm Currency Exchange is helping students better manage their funds whenever they need to change money.

By offering a “best rate guarantee”, the exchange compares its rates against that of other Canadian financial institutions and foreign exchange companies to ensure it is providing the most competitive rates.

Additionally, the company accepts debit cards, cash, eTransfers, Canadian bank drafts, wires, and electronic funds transfers, giving students flexibility over their exchanges.

Students looking to use CanAm Currency Exchange’s services can sign up for an online account through the company’s website. Once registered, they can call the company’s toll-free line to secure a no-obligation quote which can be locked in for a same-day conversion.

As the exchange is registered and regulated by FINTRAC, clients can also have confidence in the security and safety of their transactions. Furthermore, the company provides written confirmation of all their conversions, allowing one to keep track of their rates before and after the exchange is made.

In addition to the phone-based services, the company also has offices across Ontario, as well as Toronto, Brantford, Sarnia, Sault, and Ottawa.

A spokesperson for the currency exchange said, “CanAm offers the absolute lowest price on your personal currency exchange needs. If you’re a US cross-border student, we can make the process easy and low-cost for you with a team of experts to assist you every step of the way.”

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