Athens, GA Yard Clean Up: Spring Season Lawn Care Maintenance Services Updated

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Fresh Cut Landscaping (706-296-1291), a leading provider of lawn maintenance, landscaping and pressure washing services in Athens, GA, has announced the expansion of their remit to include yard clean up. The new service is ideal for those with large properties, busy schedules, or limited mobility.

The company has been serving Athens and its surrounding areas for over a decade, providing care and maintenance to those who take pride in their property’s appearance.

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The expansion to Fresh Cut Landscaping’s services comes as temperatures begin to climb after an extended winter.

Yard clean-up services are especially important during the spring season, as it is the perfect time to clear out dead leaves and debris, prune trees and shrubs, and prepare the soil for planting, explains Fresh Cut Landscaping. Waiting until temperatures are consistently above 50 °F protects plants and also gives pollinators, insects, and other animals a chance to emerge safely.

Yard clean-up services can entail removing refuse such as dead leaves from planting beds and grassy areas, pest and weed control, pruning shrubs, and addressing perennial division.

Hiring a professional yard care service offers numerous benefits, including less damage to people and property due to accidents, saving time, and increasing property value. According to a recent study, 33 percent of respondents were unaware of primary yard care and maintenance guidance. This highlights the need for expert yard care to prevent unintentional damage from being done to lawns and gardens.

“A well-maintained yard doesn’t just look good. It brings up the appearance of a whole neighborhood, as well as increasing property values and attracting potential buyers,” explained a Fresh Cut Landscaping spokesperson. “Keeping things tidy and well-maintained is a service we’re proud to offer our clients. They know that we care about their gardens as much as they do.”

Fresh Cut Landscaping’s yard clean-up services are ideal for those with large properties, busy schedules, or limited mobility. The company’s team of experienced professionals is knowledgeable about the optimal height of grass, how much water a lawn needs, proper aeration, and the most appropriate chemical or organic treatments to ensure the yard is pest-free and looking at its best.

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