NYC Shortness Of Breath Naturopathic Treatment: Holistic Medial Service Expands

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New York City functional medicine center Patients Medical ((212) 794-8800) has expanded its services to provide holistic treatments for shortness of breath by targeting the condition’s root cause.

With its latest announcement, the practice hopes to encourage more New York City residents experiencing acute or chronic shortness of breath to seek the holistic care of its naturopathic physicians. Patients can schedule an initial comprehensive medical examination in which their attending Patients Medical physician will administer necessary testing and review their medical history to determine the condition causing their shortness of breath.

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With this treatment expansion, Patients Medical offers NYC residents an alternative to conventional treatments for shortness of breath, which tend to address the issue itself without attending to the underlying causal condition. Once the naturopathic physician determines whether a patient’s shortness of breath is acute or chronic, its severity level, and its root cause, they will create an individualized treatment plan which could include stress management, detoxification methods, or dietary changes.

Shortness of breath is usually combined with other symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness, rapid breathing, wheezing, or coughing. While the issue is often due to asthma, it can also derive from many other medical conditions including, but not limited to, heart disease, lung disease, anemia, anxiety disorders, allergic reactions, or pneumonia. A functional medicine approach to treating shortness of breath focuses on determining the underlying cause, through in-depth testing, and targeting it from multiple angles, to provide long-term relief.

The physicians at Patients Medical can prescribe patients suffering from chronic or acute shortness of breath a nutrition plan consisting of foods and beverages that support respiratory health. Treatment plans might also include breathing exercises, an exercise regimen, yoga, and meditation. The practice can also issue its specialized post-COVID-19 treatment protocol for patients whose shortness of breath is related to COVID-19.

About Patients Medical

For nearly 50 years, Patients Medical has provided holistic, complementary medical care to residents in and around New York City as an alternative to conventional treatments. The practice employs Board Certified MD doctors who specialize in a variety of naturopathic and functional medicine approaches to care. Among the specialists at Patients Medical are internists, gynecologists, general family practitioners, and nutritionists, who work together to provide integrated, wrap-around medical services.

“We welcome new patients,” said one spokesperson for the practice. “Every year, thousands of existing and new patients continue to visit us, seeking an alternative medical approach to a variety of health issues. Many of our patients have been with us for over 10+ years and continue to be part of our family where we provide them with support, health, and healing.”

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