How to delete an XTB account explained by Traders Union

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( — May 4, 2023) —

Trading in financial markets has become a feasible investment choice for many today, thanks to the ease of access that trading accounts allow. However, despite the numerous advantages, people may choose to close or delete a trading account for various reasons.

A trader may want to close his trading account because his techniques have not yielded much success despite his efforts. As a result, he may choose to terminate his trading account.

But then, how can you delete your trading account? Traders Unions experts have explained the procedure for deleting an XTB account.

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XTB account types compared

XTB offers two types of accounts to its customers: Standard and Swap Free. A swap cost is incurred when transferring a trade from one day to the next. The swap charge varies depending on the market in which the client trades. Sometimes, when trading currencies, the client may be charged a swap fee. A Swap Free account is suggested for traders who hold positions overnight on a regular basis.

Trading on a Standard or Swap Free account is commission-free except for Equity ETFs and CFDs. XTB includes its trading fees in the spread.

How to delete an XTB account

Users can email XTB customer support from their registered email address to ask for the cancellation of their trading account. Traders must send emails according to their registered resident country. Residents of the EU are required to send emails to, residents of the Uk are required to send emails to, while non EU/UK regions are required to send emails to

Reasons for deleting an XTB account

Account to Traders Union experts, a few crucial factors can motivate users to delete their XTB accounts. When opening a trading account with XTB, traders should consider the factors listed below.

·      Broker XTB is focused on the euro. Trading is difficult for users who are not fluent in English because all of their analytical materials, complaint procedures, compensation claim procedures, and teaching materials are only available and accepted in English.

·      Compared to other established and emerging brokers, customer support might be improved. Weekend availability for the XTB support crew is nonexistent, and even when they are, it takes 3–4 days to resolve a client’s issue.

·      Compared to XTB’s 30 days, other brokers provide traders with sample accounts for a lot longer periods of time. For seasoned traders, it is not a deal breaker, but beginners in the world of trading prefer longer sample trading accounts.

·      Most traders who wish to delete their XTB accounts do so because they no longer wish to trade. Typically, it is because they have suffered significant losses and have decided to discontinue trading. In other circumstances, they may have discovered that they lack the time necessary to learn how to trade the markets properly.

How to withdraw your funds

Withdrawing your money before starting the closing process should be your first priority when terminating an account with any broker. How may money be withdrawn out of XTB? Take the actions outlined below.

·      Log into your trading account on XTB.

·      Find “Deposit and withdraw funds” in the bottom right corner of the page and click there.

·      Type the withdrawal amount here.

·      Provide the bank account details.

·      Start the withdrawal process.

Trading accounts can be a goldmine of trading chances in various financial sectors. However, you may be forced to close your trading account due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, simply follow the above steps to withdraw your funds and close your trading account.