Kissimmee Hurricane Ian Property Damage Claims Lawyer, Legal Services Expanded

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Injury and property claims law firm Louis Law Group (954-676-4179) has expanded its legal services to help homeowners in Kissimmee, Florida, get compensation for damage resulting from Hurricane Ian.

Following the update, the firm’s lawyers are better equipped to negotiate fair settlements with large insurance carriers. With their legal knowledge and negotiating strategies, lawyers often achieve better outcomes than a homeowner acting on his or her own behalf.

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The recently expanded services are designed to help clients obtain the compensation necessary to cover the damage to their homes. Whether Hurricane Ian caused water, wind, fire, or hail damage, the firm’s attorneys will negotiate with the insurance company until a fair settlement is reached. Its litigators are also prepared to bring a property damage case to court if necessary.

According to a study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), weather and climate-related disasters have caused approximately $2.155 trillion in damage between 1980 and 2021. Hurricane damage can be catastrophic, and in some cases, a house cannot be repaired or salvaged.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to avoid paying, or underpay, hurricane claims. Adjusters may suggest the damage was preexisting, or that premiums were not paid promptly. Often, insurance investigators will undervalue the hurricane damage because repair costs exceed the policy limits.

The lawyers at Louis Law Group will analyze an insurance policy and gather all relevant documents to support a hurricane damage claim, including police reports, fire reports, and photographs of damaged areas. They will then negotiate with insurance carriers or litigate a civil case until their clients receive adequate compensation.

Louis Law Group is an insurance litigation firm that represents clients in Kissimmee, and across the state of Florida. It has offices in Miami, Fort Myers, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Tallahassee. The firm specializes in property damage, personal injury, and health insurance claims. Its attorneys help individuals whose insurance companies are denying, delaying, or underpaying their claims.

A satisfied client said, “I’m extremely pleased with the service I received from Louis Law Group. They are very professional, and they are willing to go the extra mile to assist. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to file a claim with their home insurance company.”

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