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Bronnie Bakes has launched a new online blog where they have gathered a resource of over 10,000 helpful hints and tips about food and cooking.

While the internet is flooded with recipe hubs and recipe pages, Bronnie Bakes believes that up till now there is no collected resource where aspiring cooks of all levels, but especially beginners, can access the most basic advice about cooking. That’s why Bronnie Bakes has developed their new blog space, which is full of basic tips and advice that individuals need to cook safely and simply.

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Bronnie Bakes also understands that while some individuals can outperform Gordon Ramsay or Rachel Ray in the kitchen, the majority of Americans have vast gaps in their cooking knowledge. According to a recent article on HuffPost, 28% of adults now say they can’t cook. Bronnie Bakes believes that with some clear guidance, anyone can be confident in the kitchen, which is what they hope to provide with their new blog.

The content on the new Bronnie Bakes page is far-reaching, and it covers essentials like food preparation, food storage, and food safety. It also teaches readers what to look for when shopping for fresh produce and groceries, how to tell when certain fruits and vegetables are ripe, how to measure out ingredients when cooking, what ingredients can easily be substituted for others, and more.

Other topic areas include how to use basic kitchen appliances and tools. For their more curious readers, Bronnie Bakes also has new posts that explain how certain foods are made.

Beyond advice, like other cooking platforms, Bronnie Bakes also offers their readers a vast, and growing, collection of recipes.

With a simple, clean layout, well-categorized tabs, and a search function on their new blog space, Bronnie Bakes believes they can help anyone who is just starting out on their cooking journey. And, for those readers who think cooking is all too much, they will be happy to know that the site also contains helpful tips about storing and reheating takeout food.

The founder of Bronnie Bakes, Haley Schroeder, says, “If you’re new to cooking, don’t worry – we’ve got everything covered. We’ve got beginner’s guides for every recipe, tips and tricks to make sure you’re doing things correctly, and even videos to show you exactly how to prepare each dish.”

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